What equipment does chicken breeding need?


Apr 14,2021




What equipment does chicken breeding need?


1. Feeding equipment. The chick feeding tray is mainly used for the early stage of emergency breeding. Currently, there are two types of chick feeding tray: round and square. Each type of feeding tray can be used for 80 to 100 chicks.
2. Feeding barrel: chickens after two weeks of age use the feeding barrel, which is composed of a suspended invincible cloud copper and a shallow disk with a diameter slightly larger than the same. The bucket and disk are connected by a short chain, and the distance between the bucket and disk can be adjusted. More feed is stored in the cylinder, which can be automatically popular through the gap distance between the lower edge of the circular tube and the chassis. The feeder in the chassis uses the currently marketed feeding barrel, which has a variety of specifications of 4-10 kg, It is suitable for flat raising on the ground or on the net. During the use, the height of the barrel will increase with the age of the chicken. Generally, the height of the upper edge of the barrel disc is equal to the shoulder height of the chicken when standing.
3. Food trough. It is generally made of wood, galvanized sheet, hard plastic sheet and other materials. It can be used for cage breeding and peaceful breeding. The edges of all stone grooves should be bent inside to prevent chickens from feeding and damaging the feed. In order to prevent chickens from stepping into the slot and polluting the feed, a rotating wooden stick can be placed at the slot.
4. Automatic chain feeder. The feed is composed of feed tank, feed box, driver, linking angle device, and dust remover feed tank bracket. The feed is transported from the feed box to the feed tank by chain. The slot required by each chicken is 10 to 12 cm. The maximum feeding length can reach 300 meters. It works reliably and has good performance in maintenance. It can be used for flat cage feeding.
5. Crane type automatic feeder. The utility model is a feeding cart which is mounted on a chicken cage, and is mainly used for the cage chicken house. Walk slowly along the upper track of the chicken cage to distribute the feed in the feed box to each stone trough. According to the configuration of the feed box, it can be divided into the top box type and cross cage box type. The top box type feeder has only one bucket, and there is a mixing cage at the bottom of the bucket. When the feeder is working, the water tap pushes the feed out of the corresponding six tubes and flows into the stone trough evenly with the operation. The cross cage feeding machine is configured according to the chicken cage form. Each row of feed trough is spanned with a rectangular small feed box. The conical flat opening at the lower part of the feed box leads to the stone trough. When it rotates along the chicken cage, the feed will fall into the feed trough along the conical surface.

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